Our Team

Donna M Galvan - Founder

Donna M. holds a degree as a Doctor of Medicine. She grew up learning the roofing trade from her father and has been passing this knowledge and experience to her children. She is the Founder of CS Advantage USAA, Inc. Manages corporate financial logistics such as acquisition and renewals of bonding and insurance that is a requirement of the industry, as well as plays a key role in our hiring and corporate relations.

Oscar G. Galvan - President

Oscar G. has a B.S. in Mechanical/Electrical Engineering and is the husband of Donna M.  He has been interested in putting roofs over the heads of many since he can remember. With well over 35 years of roofing experience under his belt, he has a knack for solving some of the most stubborn of roofing problems and also brought together the best in the business to create a team that can serve our customers to their complete satisfaction. He takes pride in seeing customers pleased with their new, quality, high longevity roof, and his team echoes this same enthusiasm.

Oscar A. Galvan - Corporate Director

Oscar A. is the son of Donna M. and Oscar G. He has been around the business since he was a kid, following his parents during the summer months to projects and slowly learning the trade. He has worked for CS Advantage since its inception during his days as a full time college student. Now, he has a B.S. in Nuclear Engineering but wanted to keep participating in the family business, the business of keeping people dry. He has brought his skills acquired through his degree to help elevate this company to more modernized approaches to certain problems. 

Abraham A Galvan - Director

Abraham is the brother of Oscar A. Like his brother, he too joined the team once he was in college. With a B.A. in Psychology, Abraham brings his technological as well as social skills acquired through his degree to the team. He is also his brother’s right hand man. The two work hand in hand to ensure all their work is mutually up to par with the quality of work expected by CS Advantage and our customers.

Willem Van Der Maal - Director Of Operations

Willem has over 20 years experience in the roofing industry, as well as over 10 years experience in project management. Out in the field, Willem is our first pair of eyes and ears for proper execution of our ongoing projects, coordinates with the various crews we have active, and ensures all work is carried out to meet the specifications set forth by the architect/engineer as well as the quality that CS Advantage prides itself on.

Ernesto Siller - Project Manager

Ernesto is our lead project manager. Ernesto has long standing experience as an on-site supervisor and brings those skills gained through experience to work together with Willem to help manage multiple ongoing projects at a time. He is also in charge of ensuring that every project he surveys has our crews outfitted with the proper safety equipment necessary to each specific job. 

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